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Darren Wilson: Racist Coward – Not Hero

Darren Wilson, Officer in Ferguson Shooting, Resigns From Police Dept. – NYTimes.com.

Ok, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that this dumbass would be resigning. How on Earth could he possibly remain on the Ferguson police force after brutally murdering an unarmed man?

This coward was and continues to be unworthy of any police uniform. He embodies everything we want our police NOT to be.

We tend to lump our police officers into the same “hero” status that we give to firefighters and soldiers who voluntarily put themselves in danger to protect the rest of us from harm. And there is no argument here that many police officers deserve to be in that group.

But more and more in my opinion, our police officers and even entire police departments are seeing civilians as dangerous adversaries rather than the clients who hired them to protect and serve us.

A hero is someone who places their life in danger to protect those who are incapable of protecting themselves. Police who shoot to kill at the first sign of danger are no heroes. They are epic cowards. If you pump 12 rounds into an unarmed man, how is that heroic? How do you place your life in danger when you eliminate any perceived danger before it even materializes?

Darren Wilson was never in any real danger. He had non-lethal options. He could have tazed Michael Brown. He could have placed his cruiser into drive and sped away to a safe distance and then waited for backup. He could have gotten out of his vehicle and faced Michael Brown like a man. That’s what heroes do. But instead, Darren Wilson, “feeling threatened,” unloaded his pistol into an unarmed man.

And the manner of the shooting confirms Darren Wilson as a flat-out racist too. You don’t have to watch very many episodes of Law & Order to know that when a victim is stabbed once, the motive is usually not considered hatred. When, on the other hand, the victim is stabbed 12 times, the detectives always view the murder as a crime of hate.

The same holds true with bullets. Shoot a man once or twice and he’s dead – or at least down. Shoot him another 10 times and you must have really hated that guy. I submit that Darren Wilson placed his hatred of African-Americans on full display with this shooting and he should be charged with a hate crime accordingly.

Sadly, we live in a society where white police and white lawmakers have conspired to give the police absurdly broad protections. They can kill with impunity and they can be racist without accountability. Some heroes…

And now poor Darren Wilson with his pregnant wife has to quit his job with the Ferguson Gestapo, er, I mean Police to become a white man living in a community that hates him. Hmmm, maybe there is some justice after all.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about the Wilson family. I’m just speculating here, but it’s my suspicion that hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been raised on poor Darren Wilson’s behalf by those batshit, gun-huggin’, NRA-luvin’  wackos who still believe that Wilson is a hero. And I wouldn’t be surprised when he gets a million-dollar book deal and a commentator job on Fox News.  After all, someone has to be the voice for all those poor police officers who have to live in fear of unarmed black men every day.