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From Outrageous to Absurd

This is even more offensive than the Ferguson whitewash. For this creep to say that the officers were the victims and what can be clearly seen as an illegal and fatal choke hold was merely a “seatbelt maneuver” is outrageous. What is really upsetting is that he is representing and speaking on behalf of 34,000 NYC police officers. I take exception to the assertion by all the talking heads on TV and so many community leaders that most police are good and that these cases represent a few bad apples. If 34,000 police officers elected this guy to speak for them and didn’t object to him so blatantly lying about the facts of this case, I assert that they are NOT good – but rather are part and parcel of the larger problem. When 34,000 NYC police officers circle their wagons to protect one dirty cop then they too are dirty.

It’s sad to see the heroes of 9/11 sink to this level. If they really are heroes, they should all have the courage to say “Hey, we screwed up. We went too far and a man lost his life because of it.” I think the community’s relationship with the police would be stronger and less adversarial if the cops would admit to being human, admit when they make mistakes, and take responsibility for those mistakes. We don’t need infallible cops, we need human beings.